We've delivered over 20,000 km of new pipe networks. 

McConnell Dowell is a leading international pipeline contractor. We have constructed over 20,000 km of new pipe networks across more than 200 projects including gas, petroleum, water and slurry pipelines. These pipelines help drive economic and social progress across Australia, New Zealand, and South East Asia.

We are experts in large diameter pipeline construction and have delivered gas pipelines up to 1300 mm (50”) in diameter and water pipelines up to 1800 mm (70”) in diameter. Our in-house specialist skills and plant enable execution of HDD, micro-tunnelling, marine pipe pulls, pipe bridges and other complex crossing solutions.

Our sustained success in the pipeline industry is based on strong client collaboration and effective community consultation and environmental management. We have received 30 industry awards for safety and environmental excellence.

Industry group partnerships

Australian Pipelines and Gas Association

National Association of Testing Authorities, Australia





Leon Richards
Leon Richards
Group Technical Director - Resources


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