From the moment two young entrepreneurial New Zealand engineers sat down in 1961 with a vision to do things better than the company they worked for, McConnell Dowell was born.

Since then, innovation and creative construction have remained at the heart of everything we do.

Here's our 60 year history through the decades...

  • Laying the foundations

    In 1961 two entrepreneurial New Zealand engineers had a vision of doing things better than the company they worked for. They established McConnell Dowell, and since then creative construction has remained at the heart of everything we do.

  • Breaking new ground

    The 1970s sees the Company expand overseas for the first time, establishing offices in Australia and Singapore and building a reputation as a leader in marine and pipeline construction.

    By the end of its second decade the Company has expanded across South East Asia and is also doing projects in the Middle East​.

  • New directions

    Through its merger with Hawkins Holdings in New Zealand, the Company goes public for the first time in 1982 and commences a diversification strategy that includes activities such as trade and manufacturing, financial and insurance services, and property development. ​

    However, after the stockmarket crash of 1987, the Company returns to its core business of civil construction and moves its corporate head office to Australia for the first time.

  • Back to Basics

    The 1990s is a period of consolidation for the Company as it concentrates on winning and delivering larger, more complex construction projects across its operating regions. The primary focus remains on pipelines, marine and tunnelling.

    American construction company Morrison Knudsen buys a controlling stake in the Company in 1992​, divesting later in the decade and being replaced by South African construction company LTA. ​

    Founder Malcolm McConnell passes away in 1995.

  • A decade of growth

    The Company delists from the Australian Stock Exchange in 2003 and Aveng (via Grinakar LTA) assume 100% ownership for the first time.

    In quick succession, the Australian mining boom, millennium drought and Queensland LNG investment, drives company growth through the construction of multiple, large scale marine and pipeline projects. ​

    The Company invests in commercial building company Built Environs in 2008 and purchases its first rail plant in 2009.

  • Reset, renewed and ready for the future

    Growth accelerates in the first half of the decade but as the Australian resources boom draws to a close mid-decade, the Company must reset and renew for the future.

    The Company ends the decade under new leadership and with a healthy project portfolio that has extended into major transport infrastructure.

    It starts the next decade with confidence, optimism and pride built on 60 years of Creative Construction.​

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