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Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Arts

Graduation Year: 2022


6:50 AM


6:55 AM


7:00 AM

I contemplate snoozing for a few more minutes before deciding to finally drag myself out of bed. I’m not much of a morning person so breakfast is usually just an Up & Go before I mentally prepare myself for the battle that is Melbourne morning traffic.

8:30 AM

After I arrive at the office I’ll check my emails and see what meetings I have on for the day. I’ll then make a to do list for the day so I can keep on top of what work needs to be done in preparation for my meetings. Finally, a visit to the coffee machine will finish my morning routine.



9:00 AM

First meeting of the day is with one of our graphic designers. This morning he’s running through a mock up we’ve requested for our website refresh. After going through what he’s done we’ll provide design ideas and start to plan out how content will be implemented.

10:00 AM

The best part about working at one of our main offices are all the employee events, aka free food, that you can be a part of. Today is International Women’s Day so everyone in the Melbourne office is getting together for some breakfast.


iwd muffins



1:00 PM

I usually bring something to eat for lunch in our break room or on the balcony if the weather is good but today I join one of the other grads in going out to one of the nearby restaurants. Getting out of the office is always a nice way to break up the day.



3:00 PM

I join some more meetings to discuss some of the material being prepared for upcoming company events and to review what further work needs to be done.

4:00 PM

I meet up with my mentor to discuss my progress as a grad. Grads at McConnell Dowell have plenty of opportunity for networking and the mentor program is just one avenue available that allows for grads to connect with senior leaders in the business. Luckily, my mentor and I are currently based at the same office so we can go for coffee catch ups regularly.

5:00 PM

To wrap up I’ll review what tasks still need to be completed so I have an idea of what needs attention in the coming days.

6:00 PM

After I get home, I’ll usually hit the gym before making dinner and getting ready for bed. I try to go to bed as early as I can to rest up for the next day but I usually end up scrolling on my phone (Instagram reels not TikTok because I’m a grown up now) for a bit first.