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Bachelor of Construction Project Management

Graduation Year: 2022


6:00 AM  

Alarm sounds and there’s no time to snooze – cereal for breakfast and ready to head over to the port for another day.  

6:30 AM 

Always good to sit near the water and have a coffee while watching the sunrise. My perfect way of starting a big day on site. 



6:55 AM  

Attend daily site pre-start meeting  

*This is a daily meeting in which the site supervisor runs through a list of safety topics relevant to the day. This involves works that we completed the previous day and any incidents/near misses that may have happened. Topics relevant to the day’s works are often brought up here for example if there are multiple work groups or some high-risk work such as excavation, it is ensured that the Workers are aware what is happening around them on site. 

7:30 AM 

After completing a START card to outline any risks in my next task, I head down to the piling pad to inspect a set of installed tie rods. Once the piling contractor has installed the tie rods between the quay wall and anchor wall, these tie rods must be checked for continuity. The continuity is measured in ohms (Ω) and the specification outlines a maximum allowable reading of 2 ohms, so we aim to have a continuity reading of less than 2Ω. Two leads are placed on separate components of the tie rod and a current is sent through the steel to test the continuity, the lower the reading the better. The below image displays a reading of 0.0Ω – a perfect reading.  



9:30 AM 

After filing the paperwork associated with the continuity testing – its time to sit down and look at the latest survey reports. Our drone surveys allow the team to analyse up-to-date images of the works occurring on site and gives us the ability to do take-offs and design analysis. Today I measured the volume of all the stockpiles of various materials we have on site, alongside comparing our current works progress to the final design by the client. The below image outlines this comparison, with the blue being ‘fill’ areas and the red being ‘cut’ areas.  


Drone Survey

11:30 AM  

Quick lunch break – catch up with the team in the crib room.  


After lunch, time to catch up on some paperwork and meetings. Always important to stay on top of your paperwork and ensure that you attend as many meetings as possible as a graduate as they are great drivers for knowledge and experience at any stage in your career.  

3:00 PM 

3pm hits and back on-site for our weekly safety inspection. With a major subcontractor on site, being the piling crew, it is always pivotal to ensure all works are completed within McConnell Dowell’s safety procedures and the contractor’s SWMS. Weekly Site Safety Inspection Checklist is filled out alongside our Work, Health & Safety Manager and any safety risks are outlined to the subcontractor’s supervisors.  




Nearing the end of the day, I organise my calendar for tomorrow to ensure I’m on top of what needs to be done in the coming days. 


Time to turn the screen off and relax.  


Always try to get a quick jog on the beach after work for about 45 minutes, after that head back to the room and shower ready for dinner.  




For dinner me and some of the team like to hit a good spot around town, we always try to find a new spot each week as there are many to choose from in Wollongong.  


Time for some sleep to get me ready for what tomorrow has to bring!