Aura and Harmony Infrastructure Program

Customer: Unitywater

Contract: Design & Construct

Location: Sunshine Coast, Queensland

Water & Wastewater Solutions Australia

Fast Facts

  • Large diameter (up to 900 mm) water and wastewater pipelines
  • 12 ML storage reservoirs
  • Pump stations
  • Open and trenchless pipeline construction techniques

On behalf of Unitywater we're delivering critical new water and wastewater infrastructure to support growth on Queensland's Sunshine Coast.  The new pipelines, pump stations and storage reservoirs will support the new Aura and Harmony communities in the Caloundra region.

For the Aura development (which will grow to 50,000 residents by 2050), we're delivering a new wastewater network that includes over 12 km of 900 mm diameter pipeline and one pump station. We're also delivering a new water supply network for this community, which includes over 12 km of 800 mm diameter pipeline connecting the Ewen Maddock Dam to a new 12 ML water reservoir.

For the Harmony development (which will house 21,000 people by 2036), we're delivering a new water supply network that includes over 2.2 km of 500 mm pipeline and a 12 ML reservoir.

Our delivery strategy recognises the importance of both minimising impacts and adding value to the communities where we work.  

Construction will include both open-trench and trenchless pipelining techniques, and we will provide extensive opportunities for local and First Nations businesses and employees to contribute to the project’s success.

We expect the project will create more than 200 jobs and return over $80m to the local economy.

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