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Welcome to the McConnell Dowell Brand

These guidelines have been developed to demonstrate how we use our brand identity and present ourselves in a consistent and compelling way. It offers information and guidance on the key elements of the brand along with simple instructions for how to use them.


Building and maintaining a consistent and recognisable brand.



01 Brand Strategy

Our brand strategy is about what we want to acheive as a brand and how we go about doing it as a business. Included in this section is our purpose, vision, values and key messaging. 

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02 Brand Appearance

The McConnell Dowell brand appearance focuses on the external facing side of our brand, including the core brand elements and their application.

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Building and maintaining a consistent and recognisable brand.

To ensure consistent, accurate brand presentation we have a few rules. We ask that where these rules exist they are followed carefully; by doing so, our brand becomes stronger through consistent application and high quality design.

It’s important that everyone who works with the brand (the McConnell Dowell team and outside agencies or advisors) have a clear understanding of the McConnell Dowell brand strategy and brand appearance guidelines.

To ensure accurate reproduction of the brand appearance , master artwork exists of the core brand elements.

It is intended that these guidelines will cover most requirements for the consistent application of the McConnell Dowell brand. However, if there are any particular applications, guidelines or information that are not covered, or you may be unsure about anything, then please contact the McConnell Dowell Brand and Marketing Leader for further information.