Port Kembla Energy Terminal


Customer: Squadron Energy

Contract: EPC

Location: Port Kembla, New South Wales

Energy Solutions Australia

Fast Facts

  • New gas import facility
  • Two contracts awarded - marine works and onshore receiving facilities
  • Marine works involving 160 piles, each 1500 mm diameter
  • Over 500 sheet piles
  • Nine mooring dolphins

Squadron Energy is building a gas import facility at Port Kembla to bring flexible additional energy supply to the eastern seaboard of Australia. When completed, the facility will have the capacity to supply more than 70% of NSW’s gas needs. The selected site is an abandoned coal terminal.

Sqaudron Energy awarded McConnell Dowell two contracts - the engineer, procure and construct (EPC) contract for the new marine facilities and the procure and install contract for the Onshore Receiving Facilities.

McConnell Dowell's work scope for the marine works includes construction of the new wharf, revetment, quay wall, nine dolphins, wharf furniture, main equipment foundations and marine loading arm platform structures. Demolition and dredging works required to suit the new facility will be carried out by others.

The wharf construction is a 'Combi Wall' design, involving large piles (up to 1500 mm diameter) vibrated into the seabed and sheet piles installed between them.  The front wall will be anchored to a further sheet-piled continuous wall using 161 tie-rods each 35 m long and approximately 150 mm diameter. 

Procurement and construction of the Onshore Receiving Facilities (ORF) comprises installation of free issue marine loading arms and gantry, and procurement and construction of supporting utilities including fire protection, air and electrical systems.

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