Māngere Wastewater Treatment Plant


Customer: Watercare Services Ltd

Contract type: Ongoing contract to upgrade and refurbish plant 

Location: Auckland, New Zealand

Water & Wastewater Solutions New Zealand & Pacific Islands

Fast Facts

  • Three-five year asset renewal programme
  • Refurbishment of major plant and equipment
  • Advance management and maintenance techniques deployed

McConnell Dowell is delivering a three to five-year Targeted Asset Renewal Programme (TARP) at the Māngere Wastewater Treatment Plant in Auckland, New Zealand for Watercare.

The project involves upgrading and refurbishing critical Watercare assets to ensure the continued treatment of wastewater as the region grows and volumes increase. Our in-house Mechanical Division delivering these works, has extensive experience in asset renewal, planned maintenance, and fabrication.

The works consist of the refurbishment of:

  • Eight digesters
  • Twelve primary sedimentation tanks
  • Two gravity thickeners
  • Three dissolved air flotation systems.
  • Digester Feedline replacement
  • Biofilters

The refurbishment tasks encompass several key elements, including:

  • Replacing all existing pipework with 316 stainless steel piping.
  • Upgrading valves to newer technology valves specifically designed for wastewater applications.
  • Enhancing instrumentation and electrical cabling.
  • Conducting concrete remediation using Sika and Sewercoat products.
  • Implementing safety improvements for platforms and accessways.

These tasks are supported by advanced techniques such as LiDAR scanning, 3D modeling, and the creation of detailed shop drawings.

The ability to measure and fabricate from LiDAR-captured data federated into the digital model enabled the team to reduce the site work and save time compared with traditional methods.

Regularly recording site conditions using drone-captured photogrammetry data has also enabled better tracking and more accurate progress payment claims.

The team also updates the Piping and Instrumentation Diagram) (P & ID) drawings collects data for asset capitalization and uses Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) methods. adhere to ASME IX quality system standards.

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