Heysen Tunnel Refit and Upgrade

Customer: Department for Infrastructure and Transport (DIT)

Contract: Managing Contractor

Location: Crafters West, SA

Transport Solutions Australia

Fast Facts

  • Major refit and upgrade of the Heysen Tunnels
  • Upgrade of tunnel lighting and ventilation systems

  • Installation of new automated fire suppression system

McConnell Dowell was appointed Managing Contractor by the Department for Infrastructure and Transport for a major refit and upgrade of the Heysen Tunnels in South Australia. The objective is to improve safety, traffic management and incident response capabilities.

McConnell Dowell's scope of works includes:

  • Upgrading the tunnel lighting system to a new LED configuration
  • Installing a new automated fire suppression system
  • Upgrading the tunnel ventilation system
  • Repairing the tunnel lining and installing monitoring equipment
  • Upgrading the Intelligent Transport System (ITS) equipment including thermal incident detection systems, new and replacement Closed Circuit Television (CCTV), electronic variable speed and messaging signage and over height vehicle detection
  • Upgrading the traffic management system to restrict access to the tunnels in the event of an emergency incident
  • Upgrading the emergency communication systems, including public address, radio rebroadcast, in-tunnel signage and help phones to improve safety and network reliability

For further information about the project, please visit https://www.dit.sa.gov.au/infrastructure/road_projects/SEFUP