Ovingham Level Crossing Removal


Customer: Department for Infrastructure and Transport

Contract: Alliance

Location: Adelaide, South Australia

Transport Solutions Australia

Fast Facts

  • Road over rail grade separation
  • Complex, inner city location
  • Intersection used by 21,300 vehicles per day
  • Five community consultation sessions held to decide final design

In an alliance with the South Australian State Government, Mott MacDonald and Arup, we successfully removed the level crossing at Torrens Road, Ovingham, improving travel times, bus reliability, and safety and amenity for the community.

Located near the fringe of the Adelaide CBD, an average of 21,300 vehicles passed through the crossing daily before it was removed.

During the planning phase, the project team hosted five community information sessions (which were attended by over 150 people), and interviewed key businesses and residents within the project area. In addition, 366 survey responses were received during the planning phase, mostly from local residents and business owners. This feedback was used, along with technical advice, as part of an options assessment process to inform the selection of the preferred design solution, which was to raise the road over the railway line.

The new 178 m long, 25 m wide road bridge was built alongside the existing Torrens Road. The bridge is a four span continuous steel box girder with composite concrete deck cast insitu. The bridge has a 58 m maximum span length over the rail corridor and is supported on 89 No. 900 mm diameter continuous flight auger (CFA) piles. The depth of piles ranges from 15 to 24 metres.

The bridge was built over a 350 mm diameter transmission pressure gas main. The alliance developed a detailed Safety Management Study in conjunction with the pipeline owner, which resulted in a design solution which did not require any relocation or protection works.

The project also included a number of sustainability initiatives like a new concrete mix, a new asphalt mix, and using crushed glass as a road-base.

Beautifully decorated with Indigenous artwork relevant to the area, the long-span design offers valuable new open space for the local community to enjoy.


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