Customer:  Level Crossing Removal Project and V/LINE  

Location:  Melbourne, Victoria  

Contract type: Alliance



Project Capabilities

Civil Rail

 Fast Facts

  • 3,500 metres of track
  • Complete driver rest facilities
  • Designed for future expanision 



Under the Western Program Alliance, McConnell Dowell constructed the Wyndham Vale Train Stabling Facility, in Melbourne’s West. 

The 3km long site includes four tracks (roads) each capable of stabling two 6-carriage V/Line diesel Velocity trains. The facility allows for the trains to be refuelled and cleaned and also includes multiple buildings for staff amenities, security and network equipment.

McConnell Dowell laid 3,500m of track and installed overhead gantries for the future planned electrification of the line.

Connection to the mainline involved the widening of an existing cutting through basalt rock adjacent to the operating network. Construction took three months with zero impact to train operations. The connection to the mainline consists of eight new turnouts that were ‘stick built’ over a six day occupation / possession.

In an Australian first for a regional passenger line, 120 recycled plastic sleepers were installed within the facility to trial their performance. The sleepers are manufactured in Mildura and are the only composite sleepers manufactured locally.

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