Pristine beaches, endless sunshine, vibrant cities...

Pristine beaches, endless sunshine, vibrant cities...


Australia has it all and is regularly listed as one of the best places to live and work.

So is it any surprise that thousands of people decide to make the move Down Under each year?

We don't think so. Especially when you throw in a booming economy and engineering and construction opportunities with us that are as diverse as the country itself.


Why McConnell Dowell?

Message from our managing director, Jim Frith


McConnell Dowell has been operating in Australia for 50 of its 60 years and the country is now home to McConnell Dowell's global head office, based in Melbourne.

We have offices in every state capital and projects underway across the country. 

From road and rail to resources and renewables, we're playing a leading role in constructing Australia's future.

They made the move and haven't looked back...

Work on great projects like these...

What's on offer?

We understand that moving to another country can be a daunting prospect. But it’s an exciting one, and to make is really easy we’re offering:

  • a permanent position ready and waiting for you when you arrive
  • a temporary work visa and assistance with your permanent residency so you can plan for you and your family’s future in Australia
  • a relocation package including flights, goods relocation and temporary accommodation
  • the opportunity to build a career with an internationally recognised construction Company with an impeccable reputation for building complex and iconic infrastructure projects.

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