Growing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses

In a first for their business, Wamarra, an Aboriginal owned and operated Victorian-based civil contractor, was awarded two landscaping contracts on the Level Crossing Removal Project by the Western Program Alliance (WPA), led by McConnell Dowell. 

The landscaping contracts were for the Cherry Street and Werribee Street level crossing removals in Melbourne's west.

Hayden Heta, Wamarra's Managing Director and a proud Wiradjuri man, explained the importance of securing the contracts with WPA...

“Being awarded Cherry St and Werribee St LXRP Landscaping packages with Western Program Alliance is a real turning point for Wamarra.

"These packages of work allowed Wamarra to recruit additional Aboriginal employees, providing genuine training and development opportunities.

"The projects were also an opportunity to showcase the diverse skillset of our Aboriginal workforce.

"The support from WPA allows us to fulfil our commitment to providing meaningful careers to Aboriginal people. We are incredibly grateful for the opportunity provided."

Wamarra is a Wiradjuri word meaning “to build”.