Our tunnelling capability is unrivalled. With more than 30 years experience, we have delivered over 140 km of safe, smart, efficient tunnels and underground spaces while minimising community and environmental impact.


We construct underground transportation solutions that deliver vast improvements in the flow of traffic while at the same time preserve the environment and minimise the impact of change. The Company’s expertise in the design and construction of road, rail and metro infrastructure is recognised internationally, and we are acknowledged for our creativity, competency and vision.

Our focus:

• The lowest possible impact on existing homes, buildings and services
• Minimal in-progress risk to the cultural and physical environment, existing traffic networks, communities and workers
• Ensuring a substantial reduction in traffic congestion, pollution and noise levels
• Solutions designed and constructed to be sustainable, innovative, bold and far sighted
• Developing and maintaining strong and collaborative relationships with clients, partners and stakeholders


By working mainly underground and out-of-sight, McConnell Dowell constructs water systems to provide new and extended infrastructure capability with minimal impact on the public. We have been awarded a range of landmark projects because of our depth of experience in this area, and achieved considerable industry recognition for their successful outcomes.

Our focus:

• Designing sustainable solutions that support economic growth
• Minimising energy usage, operational costs and environmental impact
• Enabling a cleaner environment, while improving or resolving water quality
• Increasing capacity and alleviating pressure on existing networks
• Reducing or relieving waste water and storm water flooding issues
• Coordinating construction activity with concurrent civil and building works, while maintaining safe and efficient traffic access
• Significantly reducing disruption and inconvenience to businesses, residents and traffic
• Supporting high levels of community engagement and working with local businesses


Our parent company the Aveng Group are a world leader in the shaft-sinking and access-development market, and their capabilities embrace fabrication, construction, automation and the maintenance of process plants. In partnership with Mastermyne, McConnell Dowell's investment in TBM technology is providing safe and efficient access for new mines currently in development.

Our focus:

• Providing game-changing technology to resource owners and developers
• The safe, compliant and efficient delivery of mine access drives using rapid advance, full-face tunnelling technology
• Making resource access more efficient, enabling a lower cost-per-unit from underground mines
• Using innovative methods to reduce the number of people required to work underground, and importantly, making it safer for those who still do
• Minimising disruption to local community life and preserving environmentally sensitive areas


Generating and supplying sustainable ‘green’ power through hydropower plants has an impact on the wellbeing of a region’s people and economy, as well as the environment and local communities. A diverse range of skills and experience is needed to construct a hydropower plant, and effective coordination is pivotal.  Managing the expectations and wellbeing of stakeholders is equally critical, as is delivering certainty of outcome. Our proven track record and string of industry and environmental awards is testament to McConnell Dowell’s ability to construct successful new hydropower plants, as well as rehabilitating and recovering the investment in existing ones.

Our focus:
• Adding value through innovative solutions, resulting in significant cost reductions
• Using creative construction techniques to guarantee safety and environmental compliance
• Accelerated civil programmes which reduce construction time
• Overcoming (often extreme) logistical challenges
• End design and vision, ensuring that the finished project blends in and has a positive impact on the environment
• Effective community involvement and engagement to achieve a “no complaint solution”
• Community management and awareness programmes aimed at stakeholders and local authorities
• Safeguarding local residents and mitigating the impact of noise and vibrations caused by construction
• Providing economic support by locally sourcing and upskilling onsite staff




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Gareth Page
Group Technical Director