Waiwharaiki, Anzac Square

Customer:  Eke Panuku. Fulton Hogan 

Contract: Construct only

Location:  Takapuna Auckland

Building Solutions New Zealand & Pacific Islands


  • Design and fabricate steel frame to support lighting components.
  • Assemble exterior facings – carved timber and precision-cut steel.
  • Install lighting mahi toi structures onsite.
  • August 2022 - August 2023


The teams were contracted to fabricate and install streetscape elements for Eke Panuku’s upgrade of the Takapuna town centre. The space that has been created by the placemaking features like the landscaping and lighting was named the Waiwharariki Anzac Square.

The main contractor JFC contracted McConnell Dowell (MCD) Mechanical Division to make the complex artistic lighting design a reality.

The structures combined the strength of steel with along with purple heart timber members. A steel frame supported the structure with all the complex electrical components hidden carefully inside.  The steel spine of the lighting was designed with supports for bulbs, electrical equipment and where the cables could be run.

Once the internal workings were installed the delicate CNC routed purple heart timber created from designs provided by mana whenua could be put in place.

The detailed patterns were precision waterjet cut from the steel and were placed on two sides of the exterior forming a decorative casing. The other two sides were timber with recessed carvings. The team’s careful design configuration and the placement of the lighting and cables system perfectly hide the internal workings so you can’t see all the hard work that went into them, you can only see the beautiful finish and the coloured light effects.

All the components were pre-assembled in the MCD’s yard before being installed onsite. 

The challenge for the team was to coordinate the different work streams and make sure all the elements came together – carved timber, electrical system, steel fabrication, coatings, and installation onsite.

The finished lighting mahi toi are seamless structures of steel, light and purple heart time which bring the area to life.

The project was given a Green Star - Communities rating by  the New Zealand Green Building Council for its sustainable features.




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