Meander Dam


Customer: Department of Primary Industries, Water & Environment

Contract: Design and Construct

Location: Meander Valley, Tasmania




Water & Wastewater Solutions Australia

Fast Facts

  • 50 m high x 180 m wide Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC) dam
  • 1,200 m of curtain wall drilling and grouting 
  • 85,000 m3 of RCC and 225,000 t of rock produced from onsite quarry 
  • Approximately 130,000 m3 of earth moved 

This project was a Tasmanian State Government initiative developed to provide irrigation water to the Meander Valley community in northern Tasmania.  The stored water is also used to produce electricity with a mini-hydro power station to be constructed at the toe of the dam. 

McConnell Dowell's scope of works for the project included:

  • Design and construction of a roller-compacted concrete (RCC) dam, intake tower and outlet works
  • Design and construction of an access road to the dam site and mini-hydro station and relocation of roads inundated by the reservoir, including a crossing over the Meander River
  • Protection and rejuvenation of endangered wildlife and fauna in the surrounding areas
  • Delivery of improved water and irrigation systems to farms and towns within the region.

Due to the pristine location, many environmental challenges had to be met. These included maintaining quality drinking water for the towns of Meander and Deloraine downstream from the construction site.  

Every possible precaution was taken including implementing state of the art clearing practices and stripping practices below-river-level construction.  

The project was awarded the Civil Contractors' Federation Earth Award for Construction Excellence and the Concrete Institute of Australia Award for Excellence in Concrete - Engineering Projects Category. 

Now complete, the dam provides irrigation and environmental flows boosting productively in the region by approximately $38 million per annum.  The yield from the dam is 43,000 million litres/year.

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