Maris South Canal Hydro Electric Power Project

Customer: SNAP

Contract: Design and Construct

Location: North Luzon, Philippines

Energy Solutions South East Asia


Statkraft Norfund Power Investment Group and Aboitiz Power (SNAP) awarded McConnell Dowell the Maris South Canal Hydro Electric Power (HEPP) project - an 8.5 MW low head hydroelectric power station in North Luzon, Philippines.

McConnell Dowell has a 10 year working relationship with SNAP, who are the owners of the Ambuklao Hydro Power Plant in the Philippines, rehabilitated by McConnell Dowell.

The Maris South HEPP is a 'run-of-river' plant located on one of the downstream canals of the Maris Reservoir. The station utilizes 2 x 4.25 kW Kaplan turbines.

McConnell Dowell's scope of work included the construction of:

  • Upstream and downstream cofferdams
  • Large intake and headrace structures
  • A 21 m high reinforced concrete powerhouse structure housing the turbine units/generators and ancillary equipment
  • Tailrace canal and irrigation diversion canal
  • Design, fabrication and installation of hydromechanical steelwork
  • Design, construction, installation and commissioning of building related equipment and Balance of Plant

Regulating Gates Project

A follow up contract for new regulating gates was awarded to McConnell Dowell due to the success of the Maris South Canal HEPP contract.

The Maris Reservoir water level is controlled by 32 gates installed on the dam crest. The project involved installing mechanical and electrical controls on some of these gates, allowing more control to water levels and thereby better managing spills and water flow into the Maris South HEPP. 

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