Glenfield Mall Seismic Strengthening

Customer:  Ladstone Glenfield Limited

Contract: Construct only

Location:  Glenfield, Auckland, New Zealand

Building Solutions New Zealand & Pacific Islands


  • Manufacturing and installation of seismic steelwork
  • Post-install anchor installation
  • Working around services
  • Live environment
  • Preconstruction design
  •  June 2023 - September 2023

The scope of the project Glenfield Mall Carpark involved upgrading two zones in the public carparking area improve its seismic resilience. This included conducting shear testing, creating shop drawings, fabricating components, applying coatings, and installing structural beams. Laser scanning technology is being used to identify areas that are sagging.

Stakeholder Engagement & Safety

As the main contractor on this job and so we were responsible for engagement with mall management to ensure public confidence and safety. The team also coordinated the programme so that the work area was kept to a minimum, maintaining as many parking spaces as possible and minimising disruption to shoppers.

As the carpark and mall needed to remain open, the project team planning carefully to manage public safety, minimise noise, traffic, and public access disruptions during the works.

Digital Engineering

The team's in house digital expertise made scoping the work a lot easier. A laser scanner was used to assess the conditions and map the area to help inform the design stage. It was specifically used to great effect to identify areas where sagging had occurred and detect potential clashes before service relocation.

Value engineering

A standard exercise for the team is to assess the design proposed by the client from a constructability perspective and look for ways to improve on the original design. On this project, the team found ways to reduce the shear tension and ensure safe and efficient construction.

Value engineering also identified other improvements to the design, including reducing the amount of steelwork and bolts by 50%, saving $150K in material, labour and time.


We ensured all steelwork complied with CC2 (Construction Category 2), as required by the scope.

of work demonstrating our commitment to high standards.

In the final assessment, the seismic anchors installed exceeded the test strength the customer required, making it a much more affordable and effective solution.

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