Recycling temporary works structures

Our team on the Old Geelong Road Level Crossing Removal project achieved excellent economic and environmental outcomes recently by recycling some temporary works.  

As part of the new railway station constructed for the project in Melbourne's west, a 14 m tall lift structure, situated between busy operating rail lines, had to be installed.

To minimise disruption to rail operations, the lift shaft had to be fully fitted out with the lift cars themselves and then lifted into place.

A heavy-duty temporary steel support structure was required for the shaft during the lifting process, to enable safe and efficient installation during the scheduled rail shutdown.

During the design development of these temporary works, our in-house Engineering Team recognised that steel members used on some temporary works for the Cranbourne Line Upgrade were well suited and available for use at Old Geelong Road.

The new frame was re-designed to reuse these existing steel elements. Steel beams were removed and cut to length at the Cranbourne Line Upgrade project and delivered to the Old Geelong Road project to begin a new life supporting the lift shaft.

The use of recycled material saved approximately 10 tonne of new steel, in addition to saving some fabrication costs and reducing the overall construction program. Win-Win-Win! 

lift cladding large lift shaft large