Maintaining a sustainable workforce through wellness

On the Regency to Pym project in Adelaide, our team instituted a Wellness Committee from project start to completion. The committee's focus was on building and maintaining a sustainable workforce through a range of people-centric programs.

Initiatives included health and well-being programs; suicide prevention and mental health awareness forums; drug and alcohol awareness sessions; and skin cancer awareness. Skin cancer screenings were conducted through independent institutions brought to the project site.

The Wellness Committee also assisted with successful on-boarding and making new starters feel welcome. Celebrations and social events were used to improve the culture on the project, and achievements, both personal and team-based, were regulary recognised.

The Wellness Committee further assisted with community-focussed initiatives to ensure that the project was giving back to the local community. These initiatives included donations to charities, project open days, and participation in clean-up Australia day.