Low impact bridge construction

On the Cranbourne Line Duplication in Victoria, our team (the Western Program Alliance), successfully designed, assembled and slid a 63 m long, 340 tonne steel bridge over a sensitive waterway.

Eumemmerring Creek is home to two endangered freshwater fish known commonly as the dwarf galaxias and the Australian grayling or the ‘cucumber mullet’.

60,000 hours of design and construction effort ensured we avoided touching the creek or any sensitive vegetation.

Temporary steel walkways and fibreglass grating were used to allow site access without disturbing flora and fauna.

We retained significant portions of native river red gum and established environmental no-go zones through clear delineation, signage and education.

The 162 tonne launch nose was reused from another project which saved over 300 tonnes of carbon emissions. Over 10 tonnes of steel was successfully reused on other projects.