Low carbon concrete bridges

On a recent level crossing removal project in Victoria our site team developed a ready-mix concrete with a reduced carbon footprint. The mix has now been approved by the local road authority, VicRoads, for structural bridge elements such as decks, piers and abutments.

Based on experience from other states, our team, in cooperation with a concrete supplier, developed a mix design where cement was replaced with supplementary cementitious materials (SCM). The concrete was produced, placed and tested under site conditions and in accordance with the relevant VicRoads specifications.

The results demonstrated that SCM concrete with a reduced carbon footprint does not compromise concrete performance during production, transport or placement. Further, the properties and durability of the hardened concrete meet the requirements of the design.

Following further trials and tests VicRoads not only granted approval for the project at hand, but included the mix in their list of approved concrete mixes for other road projects in Victoria.

The approval of the SCM mix was not only a significant contributor towards the project achieving its desired Infrastructure Sustainability Council rating and project KRAs, but it also makes a significant contribution towards achieving a more sustainable construction industry in Victoria.