Introducing Harry

Harry is our neighbour on the Unitywater Aura and Harmony Program in Queensland. His family home is very close to one of our worksites. 
For some, the construction activity and equipment noise may be an annoyance, but not for Harry. Until recently the two and a half year old was completely non-verbal, but seeing the trucks, excavators and all sorts of equipment and activity so close to home has sparked new interest in Harry's mind.
So much so, he recently said his first words, and instead of the typical "Mum" or "Dad" they were "Digga" and "Truck". 
We have been in regular contact with Harry’s mum about his journey and given the profound impact that our presence has had on him, members of our team got together and decided to do something really special.
Always looking at safety first, we provided a Harry-sized hard hat, before arranging a brand new Digga to call his own.
Of course, we realised that it was important to check that Harry's equipment was ready for the job at hand! The Digga was rigorously tested on site, inspected and delivered this week. Harry and his mum were absolutely chuffed.
Harry has captured our hearts and we are so, so happy to have provided this new gear for his future adventures. Happy digging, Harry!


Harry card

Harry digger