Industry leading 'Integrated Approach to Wellness' program

Our Mordialloc Freeway project was selected to pilot a WorkSafe Victoria’s mental health improvement program called 'An Integrated Approach to Wellness'. This was an industry-first program specifically designed to promote positive mental health and prevent mental illness. 

In 2018, an industry-wide survey and research report written by Professors Luke Downey and Con Stough shone a spotlight directly on the psychological impact of workplace stress and work-related factors on the white-collar population of the infrastructure construction industry. The report showed evidence that levels of depression, anxiety and stress exceeded Australian population norms by 37% and were twice that of comparison industries.

The research results motivated further discussions between Lysander, Professor Luke Downey from Swinburne University and Grant Fuller from McConnell Dowell, who joined together to create a consortium. The consortium was the successful fund recipient of WorkSafe Victoria’s WorkWell Mental Health Improvement Fund, supporting WorkWell’s strategic goal of making safe and mentally healthy environments, so employees thrive and the risk of work-related psychological harm or mental injury is reduced.

The result was 'The Integrated Approach to Wellness' – a 12 month facilitated pilot program undertaken on the Mordialloc Freeway Project.

Over 12 months, the Australian-first program recorded between 16% and 43% improvement across the five categories measured – work/life balance, burnout, depression, anxiety, and stress. Mordi wellness

The program was so successful that it is being rolled out across the industry and has seen changes to our customer's (Major Road Projects Victoria) contract documents to introduce measures to ensure the results are replicated.