Connected sites enhancing decision making

Our Western Program Alliance team, which is delivering a series of level crossing removals around metro-Melbourne, has led the implementation of the "Connected Site" initiative.

The Connected Site involves a rapidly deployed wireless network of sensors, monitors, cameras and artificial intelligence across the site that enables enhanced decision making in real-time. 

Benefits include: 

  • Enhanced safety – the interaction between people and high risk environments can be constantly monitored and eliminated
  • Improved site logistics – the movement of materials to and from sites can be optimised to suit site constraints and program
  • More efficient asset management – monitoring the use of plant and equipment on-site enhances plant usage and utilisation decisions
  • Improved compliance - site conditions such as traffic, noise, and vibration can be constantly monitored and correlated agreed benchmarks, demonstrating compliance with consent conditions.
  • Improved community and environmental outcomes – the impact of the construction site on the community and environment can be more effectively monitored and managed
  • Benchmarking – the actual against forecasted construction progress performance of the site can be constantly and easily measured