Reset, renewed and ready for the future

Growth accelerates in the first half of the decade but as the Australian resources boom draws to a close mid-decade, the Company must reset and renew for the future.

The Company ends the decade under new leadership and with a healthy project portfolio that has extended into major transport infrastructure.

It looks to the future with confidence, optimism and pride.​


2010:    McConnell Dowell receives 26 safety awards and 6 construction awards.

2011:    McConnell Dowell is awarded the Waterview Connection project (Auckland), as part of an alliance to build Australasia’s then largest ever road tunnel.

2012:    McConnell Dowell is awarded Holcim Jetty project which will facilitate the unloading of coal and loading of product for improved trade at Tuban, East Java, Indonesia.

2013:    The Seaford Rail project in South Australia is completed, marking the construction of the longest incrementally launched bridge (1,100 metres) in the Southern Hemisphere.

2014:    McConnell Dowell reaches the final stages of the Gold Coast Light Rail project, which will revolutionize the public transport system of Australia's tourist mecca.

2015:    Scott Cummins joins the McConnell Dowell Group as CEO.

2017:    McConnell Dowell is awarded a number of significant projects including the Murray Basin Rail Upgrade and Tuas Road Bridges. The Waterview Connection project is successfully completed. The Webb Dock Port Capacity project wins the prestigious Australian Construction Achievement Award. Aveng confirms recapitalisation of the business

2018:   The company commences work on the Western Program Alliance, a program of level crossing removals for the Victorian state government. The Alliance proves to be a major turning point for the McConnell Dowell, providing ongoing major project work through to 2023. 

2019:   McConnell Dowell secures the Australian Construction Achievement Award for the second time in three years for the Chith Export Facility in Far North Queensland. The project also secures the prestigeous Brunel Award, awarded by the Institute of Civil Engineers (UK) for project excellence.


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