Singapore Parallel Train (SPT): PARs Contract


Customer: ExxonMobil

Contract type:  Construct Only

Location: Jurong Island, Singapore

Resources Solutions South East Asia


The Singapore Parallel Train saw more work for McConnell Dowell take off in Singapore, further increasing the Company's profile on Jurong Island. An extensive 5 kilometres of pipe racks were implemented to provide the critical infrastructure that connects the existing facility to the new expansion.

The SPT project was an integrated petrochemicals project that consisted of a number of downstream units including a steam cracker ethylene complex and two downstream plants for the production of ethylene and propylene derivatives. The new plant will integrate existing ExxonMobil plants at the Jurong, Singapore, refining and chemical complex.

McConnell Dowell’s major work package in Jurong involved the Preassembled Racks and Stick Build Racks (PAR’s and SBR’s) contract which involved the production and assembly of 7,000 tons of structural steel and 157 km of pipe. The racks were built as modules in our Batam Fabrication Facility, barged to Singapore and put up on site. The 5 km length pipe racks provided the critical infrastructure that connects the existing facilities to the new expansion. The project was finalised on time and within budget.