Regional Bridges and Lobethal Freight Route Upgrade


Customer: Department for Infrastructure and Transport

Contract: Design and Construct

Location: Adelaide, South Australia




Transport Solutions Australia

Fast Facts

  • No LTIs for the duration of the project
  • 21 bridges across 18 different sites
  • 27 design packages
  • 15 km of road enhancements


McConnell Dowell was the Principal Contractor responsible for upgrading 21 bridges and more than 15 km of road enhancements across South Australia’s regional road network at various locations in the Mid-North, Riverland, Clare Valley, Adelaide Hills and Barossa Valley. This was further broken down into 18 different sites and 27 design packages.

The Department for Infrastructure and Transport engaged McConnell Dowell to undertake works to replace, strengthen and/or widen selected bridge structures, to assist accommodating larger vehicle classifications. In conjunction with a range of localised road widening and junction upgrade works, this project also achieved the strategic objectives of improved safety, productivity and efficiency in the transport of goods via heavy vehicles.

Our projects included:

Lobethal Freight Route: The upgrading of portions of the Lobethal Freight Route between the east of Palmer (intersection of Randell Road and Milendella Road) and Lobethal to achieve Restricted Access Vehicle (RAV) Performance Based Standard (PBS) Level 2A between Murray Bridge and Lobethal

Sturt Highway Bridges: The upgrading of various bridges to meet PBS Level 3A on the Sturt Highway between Blanchetown and the State Border

Inverbrackie Bridge and Junction Upgrade: Bridge replacement and junction upgrade works to improve traffic flow and safety at the junction of Onkaparinga Valley Road and Riverview Road

Rocky River Bridge: The design and construction of the widening of the Rocky River Bridge to meet the current road classification requirements (PBS Level 3A)

Barossa Valley and Mid North Region: Lyndoch bridge replacement to remove and rebuild the existing bridge to meet the current road classification requirements (PBS Level 3A). Similar works at bridges on the Stott Highway at Keyneton and at Farrell Flat, plus widening of Skillies bridge near Auburn.

Southern Expressway Throw Screens: Installation of throw screens on the Southern Expressway overpasses following several highly publicised rock throwing incidents.

To manage the spread of regional project, region based Delivery Managers and Superintendents were deployed to oversee a number of projects within a region and a centrally located management team established for commercial, quality and administration functions.


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