Queens Wharf Extension


Customer: Maritime & Ports Authority of Fiji

Location: Lautoka, Fiji  

Contract Type: Construct only 


Ports & Coastal Solutions New Zealand & Pacific Islands

Fast Facts

  • 154m x 48m extension of wharf
  • 24/7 day operations
  • 7 day cycle concrete pours
  • 6,700m³ of concrete poured
  • 9,500m of steel tube driven

Providing benefits to the local economy

Construction of a 154 m long x 48 m wide extension to an existing 35 year old wharf in Lautoka, Fiji. The project was one of the largest undertaken in Fiji and doubled the berthing capacity at this very busy port.  

The Maritime Ports Authority Fiji (MPAF) awarded McConnell Dowell Constructors Limited the contract to construct the Queens Wharf Extension at Lautoka, Fiji. Construction consisted of steel piles and a cast in-situ suspended concrete deck, cathodic protection and electrical services. The concrete deck was supported on 800 mm diameter piles some 38 m in length. Raker piles were installed to resist lateral loads and were 900 mm in diameter and over 45 m in length, driven by a 14 t accelerated hydraulic hammer utilising a purpose designed piling frame.

The Challenge

Many challenges were faced on the project from difficult pile driving conditions to a lack of a skilled local workforce and local suppliers. We were required to import large amounts of materials and machinery into Fiji. Other construction services included the installation of cathodic protection to the wharf as well as electrical services for lighting and refrigeration.

Upon completion of the wharf deck in 2005, 1,200 tonnes of reinforcing had been placed along with 6,700 m3 of 50MPa concrete.

The Solution   

The McConnell Dowell project team adapted to these project challenges by changing their piling installation work methodologies at short notice. Upon completion of the project, approximately 9,500 m of 800 mm and 900 mm diameter steel tube had been spliced, pitched and driven. The piles were purchased from Korea with the 6,000 m3 plus shipment being undertaken by a specialist shipping company.

The Key to Success  

Excellent planning, logistical skills and a skilled team supplemented by resources from our other projects overseas, ensured we met programme demands to deliver the project to the client’s satisfaction, on-time and on-budget.  These works were completed to a very high standard and displayed a level of professionalism that makes it a project McConnell Dowell is proud to have delivered on behalf of the client.

Creative Construction Solutions

Renowned for our innovative engineering, McConnell Dowell’s Engineering Department designed and constructed a suspended deck utilising a bespoke “sliding formwork”. 

Investing in the long-term development of a highly skilled workforce

On-the-job training schemes to upskill staff and utilise local labour was available. Specialist welders were sourced from our fabrication operation in Batam, Indonesia when project specifications demanded specialist skills not available at the time on the island.  


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