Gold Coast Light Rail Project (Stage 1)


Customer: Queensland Government 

Contract type:  Design and Construct

Location: Gold Coast, Queensland



Transport Solutions Australia

Fast Facts

  • 13km of light rail system, including 26,700m of rail laid end to end and precision aligned within 2mm
  • 16 light rail stations, including one sub-surface station
  • 6 bridge/viaduct structures, totalling more than 1,500m in length
  • A state of the art tram depot and control centre
  • Project wide rail systems interface
  • Landscaping and urban design
  • Relocation or upgrade of 30,000km of underground services
  • 50km of primary and secondary roads managed and 56 intersections upgraded during construction

Gold Coast Light Rail (GCLR) is an ambitious, city-changing infrastructure project that integrates new and existing transport systems, supports urban regeneration and facilitates sustainable transit-oriented development within a vibrant city.  The $1.3 billion project created Queensland's first light rail system and was delivered under a Public Private Partnership (PPP).

Completed in 2014, McConnell Dowell was the main D&C contractor within GoldLinQ, the consortium contracted to finance, design, build, operate and maintain the network for 18 years.

The project has been recognised as one of the Top 10 most innovative urban mobility projects by Infrastructure 100: World Cities Edition.

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