Fourth Transmission Pipeline Phase 2 (FTP2)


Customer: PTT Public Company Limited

Contract type:  Construct only

Location: Rayong, Thailand


Resources Solutions South East Asia

Fast Facts

  • 70 km of 42" X70 High Pressure gas pipeline
  • 3 km Thrust Bores
  • 20 km of Horizontal directional drills and direct pipe installation
  • Over 4 million hours worked LTI free

The FTP2 Project was awarded to McConnell Dowell Constructors Thailand Limited  by PTT Public Company Ltd (PTT). The project involved approximately 70 km of 42" high-pressure gas pipeline constructed between Rayong LNG Terminal in the south to the Wang Noi – Kaeng Khoi Pipeline Tie-in Station in the north.

Work was spread over 300 km and involved more than 20 km of trenchless pipe installation and construction of significant above-ground facilities. The peak site workforce exceeded 2,800 across 50 discrete work locations.

At peak construction, key equipment included six HDD rigs, two direct pipe rigs and six thrust boring rigs operating concurrently, in addition to conventional pipeline installation and facilities construction teams. Much of the work was undertaken in brownfield environments adjacent to busy highways, utility services, watercourses and residential and commercial dwellings.

More than 5 million hours were completed LTI free. This milestone was attained while delivering a complex, fast-track project with significant terrain, environmental, safety, logistical and stakeholder challenges. 

Key to Success

Proactive safety management contributed significantly to the project’s success. This included a tailored project induction, timely and consistent communication with all stakeholders and innovative engineering solutions. These initiatives were effective in mitigating risk to the workforce and general public. The depth of experience in similar works provided by long-term McConnell Dowell Thai and expatriate staff was also a key success factor. 

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