New Bridgewater Bridge - May flyover

We’re pleased to share the latest flyover of the New Bridgewater Bridge project – the LARGEST EVER transport infrastructure project delivered in Tasmania

In our recent endeavours, we accomplished several remarkable feats:

  • Achieved 50% (that’s over 540) production of concrete bridge segments, with almost 20% placed on the new bridge
  • Connected the first span to the northern abutment of the new bridge
  • 95% of bridge piles completed including the deepest at 90m
  • Started construction of the Black Snake Road bridge replacement
  • Completed noise walls on both sides of the River Derwent
  • Achieved more than 100,000 hours of workforce training
  • 60% of asphalt has been placed across the project area

These accomplishments demonstrate our dedication to pushing boundaries and achieving excellence in our construction endeavours.

Kudos to our exceptional team for these achievements!

Check out the latest drone footage!

Learn more about the project here.