New Bridgewater Bridge - March flyover

We’re pleased to share the latest flyover of the New Bridgewater Bridge project – the LARGEST EVER transport infrastructure project delivered in Tasmania

In our recent endeavours, we accomplished several remarkable feats:

  • Executed our largest pile pour yet, totalling over 414 cubic meters.
  • Achieved our deepest bored pile to date, delving 82 meters below ground, a notable achievement and one of the deepest in Australia.
  • We completed the pouring of one of our tallest piers in a single lift, towering up to 17 meters in height.
  • We have successfully reached the halfway point in pier construction, marking a significant milestone in our project.

These accomplishments demonstrate our dedication to pushing boundaries and achieving excellence in our construction endeavours.

Kudos to our exceptional team for these achievements!

Check out the latest drone footage!

Learn more about the project here.