Central Plant & Tunnel project update

It has been 730 days since we signed the contract for the Central Plant & Tunnel project in Tāmaki Makaurau (Auckland), and the team has made tremendous progress.

The timelapse video below takes you back to where it all started, and highlights the action so far:

  • The installation of 283 piles and 390m of capping beams.
  • 4500m2 of temporary shotcrete walls.
  • 19,500m3 of spoil excavated.
  • 220 metres of the 240 m long tunnel constructed.
  • Three of the four floors in the central plant building are now completed.
  • 50% of the services within the tunnel are now installed.

We’ve passed many milestones and the ‘light’ at the end of the tunnel is getting closer.

The next 235 days are when Auckland City Hospital staff and visitors will see the most dramatic changes onsite with the:

  • Completion of the central plant building.
  • The last 20m and full fit-out of the 240m tunnel.
  • Removal of the temporary haul road ramp.
  • Making the building watertight and the completion of the facade.
  • Fit-out of the services building.
  • Installation of the water tanks.
  • Road reinstatement and landscaping works.
  • Landscaping works are needed in

The five-story central plant building is constructed using bespoke triple friction pendulum bearings, which allows the hospital to remain operational in the event of a disaster.

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