McConnell Dowell is an international and diverse group: over 7, 500 staff, but all with one culture and one goal - to ensure we remain the very best. The McConnell Dowell culture is unique and we like it. It isn't mandated because it doesn't work that way.  Rather than being mandated, a common bond is formed between all staff, through the hard work of our teams, and dedication to the job at hand. Ask our fabricators in our Batam Yard, or our riggers in the Pilbara, or even one of our new graduates and they'll each tell you the same story: we work hard, we call it as we see it.


About Us

Formed in 1961, McConnell Dowell is a major engineering, construction, building and maintenance contractor. With the ability to deliver end to end projects, we pride ourselves on our engineering excellence in three key industry sectors: Building: Commercial and Industrial, Social and Public, Defence. Infrastructure: Power, Transport, Water. Resources: Mining, Oil and Gas, Petrochemical.   Approaching projects with creativity is what makes us stand out from the crowd, and the consistent peer-recognition through winning engineering and environmental awards is testament to that. Our people represent the best and brightest in their fields. We're proud of the passion and success of our team in striving to be the industry leaders, and it shows in our results. We Read more...



We operate in 23 locations throughout Australia, Asia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands and the Middle East. This includes work in the following key geographies: Australia New Zealand & The Pacific South-East Asia     - Singapore    - Thailand    - Philippines    - Indonesia    - Malaysia    - Hong Kong    - Batam Fabrication Yard    - Thailand Fabrication Yard China     -  Shanghai Middle East    - Dubai Fabrication Yard   Innovative design and construction forms approximately 80% of our business, and we pride ourselves on being the local construction specialist who brings internationally backed expertise to every job. Whatever the construction challenge, McConnell Dowell consistently provides a service of delivering innovative engineering solutions to our clients across the globe. Read more...



As a major engineering, construction, building and maintenance company, we pride ourselves on running by a set of core values.   Values Safety - Everybody goes home without harm at the end of the day  Sustainability - We act today with the future in mind Relationships - Committed to creating and maintaining long-term relationships People - We equip, inspire and empower our people to be their best Creative - Creating solutions to meet our customers' needs Fair Return - Reward for all commensurate with the value delivered Integrity - Honesty, respect and equitable treatment for all, without compromise Read more...



We raise the bar for corporate excellence, and we make sure all our employees are accountable. Mediocrity gets us nowhere. For many organisations excellence is all about systems and procedures. Don’t get us wrong, these are important and we have systems and procedures that have been honed and refined over 50 years of doing what we do. We’ve got procedures to efficiently move men and machines along 500 km pipe routes, to drive piles 40 m into the seabed and to move bridges across live rail lines. Our systems are all accredited to the exacting standards required by the ISO and that’s important for us and our clients. But excellence is Read more...


Health & Safety

Safety is paramount to our success. We aim to instil safety in our employees the moment they enter our doors, or from the moment we roll-out onto a new site, weaving it into our corporate DNA.   No matter where you sit in McConnell Dowell, from CEO to General Managers, to Line Management and down through every employee, safety is a belief and a goal that is paramount above all else.  We understand the importance of safe planning and resourcing and are committed to ensuring everyone involved in our operations is home without harm everyday. McConnell Dowell’s practises have a substantial focus on safety culture within the following parameters: Leadership Training Visiting Manager Reviews Commitment Workshops Safety Culture Read more...


Sustainability & Environment

'WE ACT today with the future in mind' McConnell Dowell is acutely aware of the lasting and permanent presence our work adds to the communities in which we operate.  We acknowledge our responsibilities within these communities and provide leadership to deliver sustainable outcomes and exceed the expectations of stakeholders. In establishing the organisation's Six Themes of Sustainability, we ensure our holistic approach continues to be embedded across our business and achieves results.  These areas being; Economic, Health & Safety, Environmental Impact, Governance & Risk, Our People - Employees, and Community & Social Investment.   McConnell Dowell Six Themes of Sustainability. We believe there is no better way to demonstrate our commitment than to deliver sustainable Read more...



McConnell Dowell is committed to contributing to improving the quality of life in societies throughout the geographic footprint we trade in. Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Policy aims to reduce poverty and improve the quality of life and opportunities for disadvantaged groups. It does so through promotion of community based projects relating to self help, empowerment, capacity building and skills development.The CSR Policy also assists educational institutions in encouraging or increasing the number of mathematics and science students with relevant trade skills in order to contribute to the development of priority skills in our industry.We assist our CSR endeavours through either donations or enouraging our employees to participate in voluntary works.Current CSR Initiatives include: Little Read more...



1961 McConnell Dowell is formed by two entrepreneurial New Zealand engineers Malcolm McConnell and Jim Dowell. 1965 A massive step forward when the company wins the contract for the Marsden Point off-shore circulatory water cooling system, then the largest submarine pipeline in New Zealand. The design solution was a world first in marine technology. 1968 New opportunities emerge from New Zealand's natural gas resources. Construction contracts on the Kapuni natural gas pipeline confirm the company's on-shore pipeline capabilities. 1971 The first overseas office is established, with an independent company in Singapore. 1972 Specialist skills in sand slurry pipelines are developed with an innovative system to pump iron sands via twin pipelines into ships moored off the rugged west coast Read more...