Sustainable timber construction

Our building company, Built Environs, are leaders in the use of Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) - a smart solution in more ways than one.

CLT is an engineered wood product consisting of layers of kiln-dried timber oriented at right angles to one another and then glued to form structural panels. The product is both strong and sustainable - five times lighter than concrete, with comparable strength. 

Instead of creating carbon emissions, like concrete does in spades, CLT sequesters carbon dioxide, making it a very compelling product in today's climate-conscious world.

On two recent projects, Adelaide Oval Hotel (pictured above) and Auckland City Mission, (pictured below), our building team used over 3650 m3 of CLT, sequestering more than 2700 tonnes of carbon dioxide.  The prefabricated nature of the product, along with its workability and flexibility also led to time and cost savings for these highly awarded, landmark buildings.

That's a win for the environment and the building industries in Australia and New Zealand.

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