Te Reo and Tikanga at McConnell Dowell New Zealand

In 2020, McConnell Dowell embarked on a journey with Aro Solutions and Carel Smith to learn te reo Māori and tikanga. The leadership team learned to mihi, or how to introduce themselves in formal greeting. In 2022 they developed their understanding further by learning about tikanga, or Māori customs and protocols, and the principles of Treaty of Waitangi - partnership, participation and protection.

In 2022 the New Zealand business rolled out the Aro Solutions course learning te reo Māori to the entire business and the programme has had great success!

  • Nine senior leaders in the New Zealand team completed the first course in 2020
  • Over 80 employees have already completed their te reo training
  • Each hui (meeting) begins and ends with a karakia (prayer)
  • The course is six weeks long and is made up of six lessons
  • The goal is for 50-75% of staff to complete the course by the end of 2022

Providing employees with the opportunity to learn te reo Māori will encourage understanding and appreciation of Māori language and culture. It will also give people the confidence to use te reo in their daily lives and take a more active part in events like the karakia (blessings) that are held at the start of our projects.