Saving 75 per cent construction time with pre-cast water tanks

We worked together with SA Water and subcontractor Concept Environmental Services (Concept), to build a 10 megalitre water storage solution at Port Lincoln on South Australia’s Eyre Peninsula, in just 25 per cent of the time taken to build a traditional water tank. Leading into a hot South Australian summer, this efficient delivery was important for ensuring a continued supply of reliable drinking water to the region.

The Concept design utilised a tilt-up method with six-metre tall pre-cast concrete panels that were manufactured off site, allowing for extensive quality assurance testing on each panel. The panels were then transported to site and craned into place, in a process that is significantly quicker and safer for workers compared to cast-in-situ construction.

SA Water established the 'Water Frameworks' model to create a high performing collaborative environment, enabling each major framework partner to work closely with SA Water, and each other, to continuously improve the planning, management and delivery of water infrastructure projects across South Australia.

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