Sammy's Community Pantry

As part of our focus on supporting communities, our Healesville-Koo Wee Rup Upgrade project team recently donated a new fridge and freezer to Sammy’s Community Pantry in Pakenham, Victoria.

Sammy’s Community Pantry is a free community food bank that provides free tinned, packaged food and now refrigerated and frozen food to those in need.

The idea to donate to the pantry came from the project team, who started with on-site food drives, and then started a workplace raffle. 

A series of raffles took place, raising enough funds to buy a double door commercial fridge and freezer.

The team also made sure the new white goods would be put to good use immediately as they stacked the new fridge and freezer with plenty of fresh produce for everyone to enjoy.

Sammys Pantry 1