Replacing diesel with solar for site lighting

Our team on the Cranbourne Line Upgrade rolled out solar-powered light stands across the site, replacing noisy, diesel-powered light towers. The product was not only better for the environment and surrounding communities, but more cost-effective and transportable.

Due to a powerful battery within each tower, they generated light for up to 15 hours after the sun went down, making them suited to low light periods and even night works over the winter.

Over a year, the team saved approximately 15,000 litres of diesel, and about $20,000 in fuel and refueling costs. This is more than 40,000 kgs of carbon dioxide, the equivalent to taking nine cars off the road.

The team worked together with Generators Australia to come up with a design able to match a range of construction-focused specifications, including the need to maintain an overall 40-50 Lux lighting level through Melbourne's long winter nights.