New Home, Great Job, Bright Future

Our crew on the New Bridgewater Bridge Project in Tasmania have teamed up with local Social Enterprise, Colony 47, to provide subsidised accommodation to some of our new project employees.

The Colony 47 initiative, called ‘JumpStart’, provides support for 18 to 24 year olds who are looking to establish themselves in housing - a real challenge at this time of low availability and high rents.

The JumpStart program provides furnished houses, subsidised rent, and property management support.  The program is a way for young people to live independently while working or learning a trade.

25% of the participants’ income must be contributed as rent, with the amount of subsidy decreasing as their wage increases. The goal is for the young person to exit the program being able to pay their way independently. 

So far we have supported three individuals into accommodation. Luke (second from left in main picture) recently lived out of his car, but now works at our precast facility and is very excited to finally have a roof over his head, a great job and a bright future.

For more information about 'JumpStart' click here.