Introducing the 'Solarator'

In partnership with Australian OEM, Black Stump Technologies, we have co-created the 'Solarator', a compact containerised power plant that combines solar panels, batteries and a small diesel generator. 

Now being used on our project sites across Australia, the Solarators are scaleable in output and can reduce diesel consumption by up to 90% for our off-grid site facilities. Over a 10-year period the units will save over 8000 tonnes of carbon on our work sites.

The Solarators are available in a number of configurations, including ‘accordion style’ (where the panels unfold on frames) and solar-only (i.e. no diesel generator). The solar-only units can result in a carbon positive project site, with unused energy being exported to the grid.

In addition to their sustainability benefits, Solarators are quiet, low maintenance, compact, transportable and 'plug and play' in their set up. 

You can't get many more wins than that!



Rebecca Hendy
Rebecca Hendy
Senior Sustainability Advisor
Tim Walker
Tim Walker
Environment and Sustainability Operations Manager

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