Innovative rail bridge construction

Working within the heart of Penrith, New South Wales to deliver this vital road upgrade,  we developed innovative construction and staging solutions to minimise disruption to the community and commuters.

The biggest technical challenge was the installation of a new rail bridge over a busy road. 

The reference design nominated a sequential construction method where the new rail bridge was intended to be constructed beside the existing bridge location and slide into place.  Due to issues associated with the relocation of both known and unknown utilities, along with the potential safety and efficiency issues, a decision was made in conjunction with our customer to consider an alternative construction and installation methodology.

We elected to use Self-Propelled Modular Transporters (SPMTs) that allowed the bridge to be picked up and driven into position.

Due to the changed installation method our team worked with our designers to ensure that the bridge would withstand the forces applied to it during installation that hadn’t previously been considered.

We used the international expertise of specialist SPMT provider Sarens to plan and execute the successful movement of the bridge, shown below.