Building nesting boxes with the Men's Shed

We recently enlisted the help of the Wangaratta District Men's Shed to build nesting boxes which are to be installed at one of our Inland Rail worksites near Seymour, Victoria.

We are installing 24 of these neat nesting boxes before we remove some vegetation in the area.

The boxes are intended to provide new homes for many native bird, bat and marsupial species such as the Crimson Rosella, Turquoise Parrot, Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo and the Phascogale.

The boxes are constructed of marine ply so will be hardy enough to survive the harsh Australian conditions.

The Wangaratta District Men's Shed volunteers were thrilled to be a part of the program and are eager to hear how the successful uptake of the nests go.

The nest boxes will also play a crucial role in an upcoming Melbourne University ecological study about the implementation and successful uptake of prosthetic habitats in native environments.

Mens Shed nesting boxes 2