'Bring your family to work' day. Virtually!

One of the positive legacies from the COVID-19 pandemic has been the development and uptake of new technologies to overcome the issues and challenges imposed by isolation rules.

Our teams have embraced the use of virtual site tours, using phones, Go-Pros, and  'RealWare' head units attached to helmets, to keep our customers and management teams up to date with site progress.  But our team on the SA Water Frameworks project took it a step further and have done site tours for family members!

Our SA Water Frameworks team do a lot of remote work and through consultation with personnel working away from home it was discussed how we could improve interaction between families and their loved ones.

The solution was to use our virtual site tour technology to enable live interaction between site workers and their families. In this way, partners, children, parents, and siblings get to see where their loved one is working,  what they do, and find out more about the challenges they have on a day-to-day basis.

The virtual interactions have been a real help for crews on remote locations and long-cycle rosters, keeping them better connected to their families.