New directions

Through its merger with Hawkins Holdings in New Zealand, the Company goes public for the first time in 1982 and commences a diversification strategy that includes activities such as trade and manufacturing, financial and insurance services, and property development. ​

However, after the stockmarket crash of 1987, the Company returns to its core business of civil construction and moves its corporate head office to Australia for the first time.

1983: The 480km oil pipeline Jackson Blairmore section of the Jackson Moonie pipeline project, Queensland, completed in just over six months, establishes McConnell Dowell as the leading pipeline Company in South East Asia.

1986: The 550km 14 inch diameter gas pipeline, middle spread of the Alice Springs to Darwin completed in six months.

1989: Bass Strait: Construction of first submarine pipeline by directional drilling in the southern hemisphere. Delivered the project in less than a quarter of the time compared to conventional methods