Paul Dally 500x

What’s your academic background?
I studied a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Civil & Structural) with Bachelor of Finance at the University of Adelaide. I was fortunate enough to work for McConnell Dowell in my final year at University as an Undergraduate Engineer in project planning for the Port Dock Rail Spur project.

What’s your job about?
I have currently been working on the start-up of the Port Dock project including procurement and estimating. Once the team mobilises to site, I will have the opportunity to work as a site engineer until the close-out of the project. From there, I will be rotated through the remaining sectors of the Graduate Program being HSEQ, Commercial and New Business & Strategy.

What’s the coolest thing about your job?
It is really cool to see all the work that is done in the background from the start of a job that is then implemented practically to build something tangible.

What are the challenges of your job?
Many hurdles are encountered with the job, which have potential to slow productivity, however overcoming these challenges is extremely rewarding and satisfying.

Why choose to work for McConnell Dowell?
I chose to work for McConnell Dowell because of the opportunities that they offer through the Graduate Program as I wasn’t 100% sure on which field I wanted to go into once I finished University. The rotation through various sectors not only offers the exposure of MCD, but also the prospect of travelling interstate, whilst also diversifying the number of great people you work with within the company.