Nicolette Bulseco 500w

What’s your academic background?
I did a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Engineering degree at the University of Melbourne, specialising in structural engineering with a foundation in civil engineering.

What’s your job about?
As a Graduate Engineer, I will be exposed to all aspects of project management, rotating from the Site Engineering, Design Engineering, Health, Safety, Environment & Quality, Commercial and Estimating & Procurement teams all in two years. Since starting, I have been working on the Melbourne Airport Runway Development project which is currently undergoing the design stage.

What’s the coolest thing about your job?
The best part about the job is seeing an idea come to life. From planning up until construction, being part of the process where the plans are slowly manifesting into a tangible, physical structure is what makes the job exciting.

What are the challenges of your job?
Coming from university, working a 9–5 job is something to get used to. The challenge for me was balancing my time wisely so that I can dedicate time to commitments outside of work and some time for myself.

Why choose to work for McConnell Dowell?
I chose McConnell Dowell because of the opportunity for professional growth. Besides the potential to work on large-scale, multidisciplinary projects, nationally and internationally, McConnell Dowell is also committed to developing their graduates to becoming well-balanced engineers. Since starting, I have received continuous support from everybody, and feel lucky to have such a strong support system.