University Attended: RMIT University

Degree Qualification: Bachelor of Engineering (Civil and Infrastructure) (Honours)/ Bachelor of Business (Management)

Year of Graduation: 2019

5:00am: Wake Up

My phone alarm goes off… as quiet as possible so it will wake me up but not my housemates in the next rooms. Click snooze and lie there for 10 minutes before it starts going off again, 5:10am, time to get up

Hit the shower, get dressed, down some cereal, grab my lunch from the fridge and make a coffee for the road

5:50am: Leave for Work

The best thing about leaving at this time of the morning is that the traffic isn’t too bad!

6:30am: Arrive on Site for Prestart

Make it to the Site Office just in time for Prestart. Prestart is the daily morning meeting to discuss the planned works for that day as well as a refresher on safety topics to keep them in the front of everyone’s mind. Everyone is required to sign on to the daily Prestart sheet.

Sarah Schraven PetDog

7:30am: Site Inspection

We’re adding additional lanes and Freeway On and Off ramps to one of the local roads that the new Mordialloc Freeway will eventually pass over. I head out to this area to ensure the work crews have all the information, permits and drawings they need for the job.

I also check that the works are all in accordance with the Inspection and Test Plans (more commonly referred to On Site as ITPs). This ensures the work has been completed to an acceptable standard.

Sarah Schraven2

10:30am: Civil Team Construction Meeting

In this meeting, we discuss the construction program, the procurement of items needed for the job, as well as work quality, any safety concerns and how the job is progressing.

Sarah Schraven graduate dock

11:30am: Paperwork

I go back to my desk to process the necessary paperwork needed to keep the work progressing. This involves calculating material take offs (counting how much material we will need to complete the job, for example ‘How many tonnes of asphalt are need to construct the section of road we are building?’), compiling RFQs (‘Requests For Quotation’, which effectively ask for quotes from possible subcontractors for completing the works we require doing) and ordering any materials that we need.

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12:30pm: Lunchtime

Head to the Crib Room (Site kitchen area/ lunchroom) to heat up my lunch in the microwave and chat to other people from the Site.

1:00pm: Back to the Office

Continue working on any paperwork that needs doing. This includes writing up on the Site Whiteboard what materials and machinery we’ve been using, ready to share with the rest of the team at the 2 o’clock meeting.

Tom Moody 05

2:00pm: Daily Site Coordination Meeting

Go through how each area of the project is tracking, raise any issues that have come up and go through what safety hazards have been found on site before figuring out how they can be addressed.

4:00pm: Site Inspection

Head back out to the worksite for one final inspection for the day. This involves checking and recording what progress has been made for the day and collecting any dockets for materials that have arrived on site. It’s important to keep track of what material has been received and what we still need from both a progress and cost point of view.

Tom Moody 06

5:00pm: Head Home

Home time. I pack away my laptop, check what the traffic is like on Google Maps to decide on the best way to get home and queue a couple of podcasts and songs for the road.

6:00pm: Arrive Home

The traffic is normally pretty busy in the evening. My housemates have been home for a while, so I catch up with them briefly, then get ready to go for a run

6:15pm: Run

It’s important to keep fit and I find running is a great way to clear my mind at the end of the day.

7:00pm: Drums

Once I’m back home there’s just enough time to release some tension on the drumkit before it’s too late at night to annoy the neighbours.   

7:30: Dinner

The nights when it’s one of my housemates’ turn to cook are the best!

8:30pm: Chill Out

After dinner it’s time to wind down and relax on the couch

9:30PM: Bedtime

Eventually, I iron a shirt for the next morning and then its time for bed, ready for another big day tomorrow