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Friday, 23 September 2016 08:27

Recognition for Going the Extra Mile

McConnell Dowell is thrilled to have received recognition from our client NZ Transport Agency for ‘Going the Extra Mile’ on two of the high profile projects we are delivering for them - the Russley Rd Upgrade in Christchurch, and the Waterview Connection in Auckland.

The Russley Rd Upgrade, being delivering in a joint venture with Downer, received the Keeping Customers Moving Award, for our innovative approach to temporary traffic management at the Memorial Roundabout. By constructing the slip roads first and linking them into one big roundabout that encircles the construction area, and supported by a comprehensive stakeholder communications strategy, the team was able to avoid 12 proposed traffic management changes throughout the construction programme. It has minimised disruption to the public, created a safer working envelope for construction and enabled the project to proceed ahead of schedule.

“Every day we’re looking for ways to live up to McConnell Dowell’s aim of ‘Creative Construction’,” says Roading Director Aidan Brannan. “The Project Team has done a sterling job of rising to the challenge of delivering a unique road feature not seen previously in New Zealand, and from which our customers benefit every day.”

Road users frequently comment that the new roundabout is more efficient than the previous one, their journey time reliability has increased and traffic disruption reduced.

The Well-Connected Alliance, the team delivering the Waterview Connection Project in Auckland also won three awards, including the Supreme Award.

The Teaming Up Award recognises ‘working with others collaboratively to achieve outstanding results’. Waterview’s has worked with the Transport Agency and educational organisations to host visits to site by more than 200 college students last year as part of a Government initiative to encourage students to consider engineering-related jobs. These visits required significant planning and support from people right across the project, and the judges said Waterview had worked with others collaboratively to achieve “outstanding results.”

For the second year running, Waterview also won the Connecting with Our Community Award, reflecting the project team’s commitment to engaging with the community beyond normal expectations. With the project area spanning five suburbs, the team has “walked with the community” in small and large ways including formation of a community design group, management of cultural impacts in partnership with key mana whenua partners, and co-designing a playground with the local school, a process which won the team the Best Practice Award from the NZ Planning Institute.

Topping off the hat-trick, the Supreme Award was open to all the successful GEM finalists and celebrated outstanding performance in Going the Extra Mile.

“This is an outstanding outcome for all of us. Our GEM success justly recognises the passion and commitment all our people and teams demonstrate on this great project of ours,” said Alliance Project Manager Iain Simmons.

“The NZ Transport Agency is one of our most valued clients, so we’re delighted with their recognition of our efforts to deliver their projects to the highest standard possible,” says Managing Director Roger McRae. “We look forward to delivering transport solutions with the Agency for many years to come.”

About the GEM Awards

The GEM (Going the Extra Mile) Awards acknowledge the NZ Transport Agency’s suppliers for their commitment to the Agency’s our priorities and quality industry standards, and are a way to exhibit outstanding examples of the diverse range of activities on the state highway network.

The finished playground

The finished playground

Playground design workshop at Waterview school

A playground design workshop at Waterview school