Papa Uniform Golf (PUG) Taxilane Slab Replacement

Project Capabilities


McConnell Dowell has completed a slab replacement program across the Papa, Uniform and Golf Taxiways at Melbourne Airport.  The replacement works were carried out because of the deterioration in condition of the existing concrete slabs and the importance of maintaining access to critical aircraft stands.

The scope included the largest undertaking per pour of Rapid Set Cement Concrete (RSCC) where individual slabs (36m3) were removed, replaced and trafficable by aircraft after an 8 hour shift.


  • Largest undertaking (per pour) of Rapid Set Cement Contcrete in Australia
  • 69,000m2 of concrete aprons replaced
  • 375 individual concreat pours
  • Over 198,000 man hours

Project Overview

Customer: Australia Pacific Airports 
Location: Melbourne Airport, Victoria 
Contract: Construct Only


The project was carried out in confined changing worksites amongst live operation aircraft taxiways with further challenges including working around live fuel lines, extensive poor subgrade, contamined ground and groundwater, tight timeframes (RSCC) and stringent quality control requirements for all aspects of the scope.


Extensive team-like planning and consultation with the customer and superintendent’s teams led to a cooperative approach to dealing with the challenges in the interest of the project. Initiatives such as changing to a leanmix flexible pavement help alleviate some of the failing subgrade.


Diligent planning and foresight along with constant consultation with the superintendent, design team and Melbourne Airport and their Operations team was instrumental in the successful delivery of a repetitive yet challenging project. This consultation was supplemented with excellent productivity output by subcontractors managed by McConnell Dowell and were the keys to success.